Photographing People, Again!

Recently, I’ve been trying to challenge myself with photographing people. But not someone who poses for my photo. I want to master taking picture of strangers, reportage photographs of people on the green, in the pub, by the river, etc. It is a tricky task, as people wouldn’t really be fond of being photographed by someone they don’t know. And I usually feel uncomfortable and embarrassed taking photos of strangers. In case they really mind.
Las week, we spent a few days in Pembrokeshire and one whole day by the beach. Full of people, movements, vibrancy, perfect for photographing! In this case I used my 50-200 mm lens which lets me zoom really far. So I set quietly on my beach towel, taking photographs of people who couldn’t really see me. I am very pleased with the results and look forward to more of those photography tricks.

Mother and child on the beach

Two people walking on the beach

People playing beach football

Happy child on the beach

Children playing football on the beach

People on the beach of Tenby

Girls by the rocks

A man standing

People walking on the beach of Tenby

People reading books on the beach

Some of these photos have been taken by my photography and life partner, Prettily

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